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Meet Our Team

The Titans that lead our community

Jay Strizzi (@StrizziJ)

Former professional gamer turned institutional trader. He specializes in precision scalping of S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures.

Adam Set (@Adaamset)

Former developer turned full-time trader and educator. He specializes in swing-trading everything from indices to commodities.

Usual Whale (@Usual_Whale)

Wharton educated quantitative analyst. He specializes in building machine learning algorithms that may help refine your trading edge.

Gamma Labs (@RustDegen)

Former hedge fund trader who single-handedly accounted for >10% of 0DTE S&P futures options flow. Now largely involved in the cryptocurrency space. He specializes in short dated options and crypto.

About TWT

What we have to offer

Live Trading

Jay Strizzi, Usual Whale and other expert traders are live on voice chat interacting with members from 9am to 11am; trading live, answering questions and providing their analysis to the community.

Trading Journal

Similar to our live trading sessions, Adam Set and Gamma Labs journal their trades and market analysis in a text-based format throughout the day.


Bi-weekly educational seminars delivered by Titans on topics requested by our community members, guest-speakers providing insight in their respective expertise areas, and Usual Whale's swing-trading outlooks over a medium to long-term timeframes.

Proprietary Orderflow Algorithm

Proprietary machine learning algorithm that provides directional signals on S&P and Nasdaq futures. It was developed by Usual Whale in an effort to automate the order flow analysis Jay and Adam use to make successful trades on a daily basis. Backtest available on request.


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“There is no better team in the trading world today. As a former floor trader I have struggled to make the transition to active screen trading. Without Jay, Whale, Set, and Poppa I would have thrown in the towel. Thanks guys for all the guidance and education!.”

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“Trade With Titans is my favorite trading membership/service. It's value-packed (perfect if you're willing to put in the effort to grow), and they have a great team. I appreciate the professionalism, communication, and experience offered. I'm definitely done trying out different trading memberships and services; this is The One.”

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“Honestly, stop trying out hundreds of trading services. This is the only one that really teaches content and behavior. And it is run by proven experts / professionals instead of some X / Insta bs guru. Get in there if you are serious about trading.”

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“Best trading discord hands down. Every founder has their own expertise to share in terms of trading strategies, every one provides education , as well as strategic and scalp entries in real life . Voice lives every morning are not only money making, but fun! Worth every penny”

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“Great education from a top-tier group of traders. You won't find a better place to learn to trade for yourself.”

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“Best room I've experienced. Interesting traders, many different styles. Entertaining community. It's good to have a thick skin if you're serious about trading, this place will help achieve that.”

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“Best decision I've made in my trading journey. I have been able to refine strategies and learn to wait for better entries. This has changed my account status tremendously! TY TWT!”

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“TWT has an amazing group of traders that get on the mic in the mornings to Live trade & give pivots & levels to lookout for also answer any questions you might have about the markets or strategies.  The Titans are what keep this place top notch place to trade from. Thanks for everything you guys do. If your looking to start your journey in trading, Trade with Titans is the place to be!”

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